miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

                                          British tea
       Here are the steps to make tea:
  1. Boil the water in a kettle
  2.  Preheat theteapot and pour the boiling water into it.
  3. Place the tea in an infuser, strainer or directly into the bottom of the teapot.
  4. Leave tea on infusion for a few minutes
  5. Remove the tea leaves or te bags
  6. Finally serve the tea in teacups    

Resultado de imagen de te britanico

My Sinbad´s  comic

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016


*  Hello Nuria?
-  Yes, who is it?

* Oh, sorry. It´s Natalia
- What did you want?
* Maths homework, what exercise have we got for tomorrow?
-  Page 20 exercises 1,2 and 3
* Oh thank you!
-  You are welcome!
* See you tomorrow!
-  See you 
Description of Malú

      Malú is a popular singer. Her birthday is on 15th March, 1982. She is Spanish Malú is famous for many reasons. She is an excellen singer. She is one of the most important voces of Spain. 

       What does Malú look like? She is beautiful. She is medim height and she is slim. She ´s got dark brown hair. Her eyes are brown and they are beautiful. 

        What is Malú like? Her personality is also special. She is hard-working and clever. Malú is my favourite singer.
Resultado de imagen de foto de malu